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SPN Fic: Never Cry Like a Lover || Part 9, BWW

Title: Never Cry Like a Lover (9/9)
Series: Blood, Water, and Whiskey
Author: neetha
Rating: PG
Word Count: 437
Characters: Jo
Warnings/Disclaimer: All your SPN are belong to Kripke and Co. Also? Please read part 7 to better understand this one!
Summary: There was a dirt driveway, lots of land, and a little barn out back that served as a garage, storage shed, and arsenal. The arsenal wasn’t that full these days.

Part 1. || Part 2. || Part 3. || Part 4. || Part 5. || Part 6. || Part 7. || Part 8.

Jo felt road-weary, which was strange, because it had been months since she’d been on the road. She had only been back to Nebraska once in the past few months, and had even switched jobs so she was closer to the small house she’d bought outside Billings. She had come to this place out of sadness, but stayed out of comfort.

There was a dirt driveway, lots of land, and a little barn out back that served as a garage, storage shed, and arsenal. The arsenal wasn’t that full these days.

She visited town a few times a week, stopping by Pug’s to say hello to everyone and to pick up some of her favorite beer. Once, when she first moved to the house, she accidentally brought home a bottle of Stone Thrower from Big Sky. It had become his favorite after the second visit to Billings. She threw it out without opening it.


Her cell phone was always close. It had been dropped many times, even fell off the truck hood when she backed out after forgetting it, but she never replaced it. It was one thing she couldn’t get rid of, just because she knew someone important had that number.

Months went by without any unfamiliar numbers showing up, and somehow, she just moved on. Not that she forgot, more like she put it in the back of her mind. All the plain black Hanes t-shirts she had picked up last summer got dropped off at the Goodwill, except one. She used it to polish hubcaps. When she found the Old Spice deodorant tucked underneath the sink from when she moved in, she threw it away.

She went about her life, made friends, and worked on her house, but the phone was always there, maybe out of habit. Maybe just in case. She never decided.


May turned out really nice and Jo took to sitting out on the back porch with a glass of spearmint tea or some Huckleberry’n’Honey. One night, sitting out there with her beer, she heard her phone ring through the open kitchen window. Thinking it was one of the girls from work, Jo eased out of the comfy swing and went inside. She caught it on the third ring and flipped it open without checking to see who it was. After saying hello and hearing a reply, she quickly realized it wasn’t a girl. Her hands began shaking and she had to swallow several times before any words could come out.

Every time Dean had impacted her life, she cried. This time, the last time, there weren’t any tears.
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You know, she probably threw away the phone after this, and then in September, Dean tries to call and he can't get hold of her, and he goes to Billings, but she's moved on again, and it's all very tragic.

Except then he finds her again and they make out and live happily for the moment. \o/

Or so I choose to believe.

This was marvelous and an excellent ending to a lovely little 'verse. I want more fic from you in the near future!
More coming soon!

Thank you for everything you did in regards to this in the past... oh... 2 years, lol. It might not be finished if you hadn't pushed me!

And there may or may not be some sort of a coda in the future describing the first few months Dean is back.
Okay, I'm going with ladyscribe. I like to think that Dean and Jo will get their happily ever after even if it's just in my imagination land.

I think it's even sadder that Jo didn't have any tears. It's like she's cried it out of her or something.
maybe out of habit. Maybe just in case. She never decided. I loved this bit, so perfectly Jo. And I agree 100% with everything theladyscribe said, including the wanting more fic soon!
Seriously, I'm so glad you finished it, it was truly a lovely series, one of my alltime favourites! Congratulations!!
THANK YOU!!!! I'm glad I finished it too! Maybe now I can get some of these ideas out of my head and on here. Every time I would try to write something non-BWW, I felt guilty... like I was cheating or something. Haha.
Absolutely heartbreaking. I'm floored with this last piece! I thought, yay, we're getting some Dean/Jo love and everything will be okay in the end and then... just floored.

Amazing as always.
Thank you so very much! I was so hoping to floor people with this.
I have been insanely busy the past few days and I couldn't read the new chapters until now. I was going crazy. I'd be sitting in class thinking about how I needed to read the rest of this series!
I'm sad that there wasn't a happy ending, but I still love the way that you ended it. I'm just going to believe that when Dean comes back from hell he finds Jo and they live happily ever after :)
Or you know, you could write that.
I'm so glad you got to finish it! I knew I was taking a huge risk by not ending it happily, but there may be a coda of some sorts in the future? lol

Thank you for reading, dear one!
A one-off would totally be cool. ;) Like a sequel vignette.
this was so beautiful and heart breaking, but it cant end there!!

you have to write an epilogue!

.... you're a genius by the way
Thanks so much! This really made my day! :)
eep! this story made me ache. <3 in a good way, and in an achey way. it's so beautiful <3333
Thanks friend!
I feel a bit bad for not commenting on each chapter of this individually because this is great and you need comments, but you know how tempting it is to just keep going when there are more chapters...

Anyway, I just read this whole thing in one fell swoop and really liked it. I can't wait for you to write more and maybe head into fun season four territory.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! It's so much more fun to read it all together. After I finish this HUGE freaking unit plan overview and a literacy assessment, I'll be able to write again! Yay!


*is still wantingtheladyscribe's happy ending*
A happy ending please?
Student teaching = devil. I've got bits and pieces to add to a coda for this story, but after May 9, I'm done with student teaching (then getting married! Yays!) So look for an update around May. :)

Thank you for reading! I'm so glad!
i was so sad to get to Part 9 because i knew this fic would be over:(
this was amazing.
you captured Dean and Jo so well.