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SPN Fic: Twenty One, Eagles Challenge

Title: Twenty One
Series/Challenge: Eagles
Rating: PG-13
Characters: John, Dean, Sam
Word Count: 365
Warnings/Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Kripke and Co.
Summary: Twenty one and strong as I can be. I know what freedom means to me, and I can’t give the reason why I should ever want to die.

John, April 1975
He turned 21 on a Wednesday. He wasn’t impressed with this new age. It held no appeal for him, since he had been drinking and working since he was 15. He didn’t feel like a grown-up at all, even though that was his goal four years ago when he begged to go to Vietnam. He had looked into the jungle, and the jungle had looked back. He found out he wasn’t strong. He found out exactly what “freedom” cost. After all that, turning 21 was just another day; drive to the factory and drive home to watch any news about the war. He cried that night in the kitchen when South Vietnam surrendered.

Dean, January 2000
His first legal drink was a shot of whiskey thrown back against the pain of a gashed leg. Dean was already tired from running through the heavy snow to get away from the pissed Ojibwa spirits and the whiskey made him warm and fuzzy. From his seat in the kitchen, he could see Sam on the couch, snoring companionably with the TV. Dad was gone, out somewhere with Pastor Jim getting food and painkillers. Dean was on a hard chair, leg resting on another hard chair, with one hand propping up his head and the other clutching the whiskey bottle. He felt himself drifting off the sleep, and his last thought before his head hit the table was what a lonely, suck-ass birthday he had had.

Sam, May 2004
Sundays were always the best, so it was just right that his birthday fell on one that year. The smell of pancakes woke him up and led him into the kitchen, where long blonde hair, long tan legs, and a bright white smile greeted him. They ate breakfast in bed, where he covered her in sticky syrup kisses. They finally got up and went out to eat with friends at their favorite restaurant, then came back home where he opened his presents. When they got home, they ate the rest of the birthday cake from the restaurant and made love on the kitchen floor. He felt like it was maybe the best birthday of his life.

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Aw, why is Sammy the only one who gets a nice birthday? Nevermind, he's so cute, I'll let him have it! I think John's is my favourite though, very well written!
Thank you so much! John's is my favorite as well.
john's birthday is ... wow...
Thank you! That's exactly how I felt after I wrote it.
You know that I love this story, right? John's birthday, especially, makes me sad, but that may just be because of my own connection to the war (never gonna be the same after this semester, I have to say). Also, you definitely get points for making me like/be sympathetic to John. Because, really, I just don't like him very much.
Thanks, friend. I really tried to make it seem like John wasn't always an insensitive butt, because he did go through a lot in his life.
Nice set. I like their completely different mindsets that still capture their lives. John's 21st is all about loss, Dean's is about loneliness, sacrifice and duty and Sam's is about being normal and cared for. Somehow, all three seemed very in keeping with their characters.
Wow, thank you! The highest compliment I feel I could receive is one where somebody thinks I got a character right. I'm so glad you could see them in each little paragraph.
Thank you very much!